Converged or Hyperconverged? Scale-up or Scale out? And what about big data?

As digital assets and data requirements continue to grow in both importance and quantity, the underlying technology on which they are powered and stored has become a critical consideration of your organization.


We deliver differentiated services and solutions to maximize your company’s IT investment in infrastructure. Let our team assist you with identifying, designing, and deploying the right 

Data Center technologies to ensure reliable and efficient access to your structured and non-structured data. Through thorough analysis of your existing environment, we can identify bottlenecks from the hosts, through the fabric, to the enterprise storage, and ultimately assist your IT staff on addressing focus areas and mitigate potentials risks. 

EITS can help classify and tier your workloads to ensure proper service levels within the Data Center. Expertise with the industry’s leading compute, storage, and data protection offerings enable our team to provide reliable and forward-thinking solutions.

Downtime? That’s so 2005.

comprehensive data protection strategies

Business continuity has become a critical feature of IT environments as organizations cannot afford unexpected downtime. With the constant threat of natural disaster, cyber attacks, and utility disruptions, technologies enabling backup and replication become critical components to ensure data protection and integrity. Preventing the of loss 

of business critical data and intellectual property needs to be at the forefront of every organizations mind. The EITS team provides comprehensive data protection strategies for all of your organization’s information. By working closely with your staff, we establish a baseline understanding of your business requirements and service level agreements in order to assess your company’s risks.

Then, EITS resources will work with your team to design and build a business continuance plan to meet your organizational specific goals. Let us help you protect your critical information against downtime to ensure reliability for your customers and users by building a customized recovery plan should any unforeseeable disaster occur.