EITS has been acquired by Mainline Information Systems.

EITS has joined forces with Mainline Information Systems, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions. As part of Mainline, we’ll build sustainable cyber security programs aimed at mitigating threats to our client’s IT assets.

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Comprehensive cyber security solutions to protect and maintain the integrity of your valuable data.

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A Tailored Approach to Cyber Security

EITS provides businesses with tailored solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of your network infrastructure. Our team of IT security experts works closely with your IT department to create a manageable security strategy designed to mitigate disaster.

We have the resources and knowledge necessary to build a comprehensive framework of tools that will protect every piece of hardware and software on your network. Let us help your team be the proactive IT juggernauts necessary to prevent unwanted cybersecurity threats. It takes a hacker to stop a hacker.


Strengthening Your Company's Cybersecurity

As cyberattacks spike by 33% in 2023, businesses confront growing challenges. Balance exceptional products and services with strong security measures to counter evolving cyber risks. Are you prepared to safeguard your organization in today’s ever-changing cybersecurity landscape?

We partner with your IT team to create customized solutions, ensuring seamless integration and optimized results.

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Sustainable IT Security Services

Our enterprise IT services meet the rigorous critical requirements that ensure your business security adheres to best practices.


To get things right, we’re driven to explore the “why” behind everything we do. We engage the right people throughout your organization, to deeply understand business goals, current technologies and processes, gaps, challenges, and to ensure that our approach and culture fit our customer’s need.


Once we share a vision of where we’re headed, we’re not done… we’re just getting started. We ignite change, through a sense of urgency, and a sharp focus on solving our customers’ highest-priority problems now. 


Moving fast and solving tactical problems builds momentum to pursue our strategic vision: helping our customers transform their security approach and posture. 


Transformation isn’t worth much, if it doesn’t last. We’re only successful if the changes “stick” and deliver ongoing value. We enable our customers to sustain their security posture, through a focus on processes, training, support, people, and effective organizational and governance models.