A private company with over 20 years of experience delivering secure and reliable networks to over 8,500 customers worldwide, Infoblox consistently maintains a 50% market share in core network services or DDI, which includes Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and IP Address Management (IPAM).

Dedicated to providing network simplicity, Infoblox created the Next Level Network Experience, a secure cloud-managed network service, enabling customers to manage their networks on-premises, full cloud, or hybrid cloud.

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Infoblox Company Overview

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Infoblox Next-Level Product Offerings:

Infoblox Next-Level Reliability and Control Products:


Enterprise and carrier-grade DDI to power your digital transformation

BloxOne DDI

Radically improve network experiences in remote and branch locations


Simplify, automate and streamline infrastructure management

Reporting And Analytics

Monitor, analyze and secure your network

Network Insight

Boost Efficiency with a unified view of network assets

DNS Traffic Control

Enhance application availability and response times

IPAM for Microsoft

Manage core network services from one platform

Next-Level Security:

BloxOneTM Threat Defense

Unleash the full power of your security stack

Advanced DNS Protection

Defend against the widest range of DNS-based threats

Threat Intelligence

Stop threats using timely, accurate threat intelligence

Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Integrate your diverse security infrastructure

Next-Level Cloud Automation:

Private Cloud/Virtualization

Manage distributed virtual and cloud workloads

Publix/Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

Maximize the value of your cloud deployment