We entered a partnership with EITS to assist in improving our overall security posture. This included installing several additional firewalls and new core and edge switch gear. To date, each time we challenge EITS, their knowledge and ability always rises to the top and a solution has been provided.

Their attention to detail as project managers are second to none. I have been in the IT field for over 17 years and have never worked with a consulting company that actually cares for the best interest of the organization. They pride themselves in providing solutions that fit a particular need and nothing else. Leo works hard at gathering specific details of a need prior to providing a solution. The value EITS brings to our organization is immeasurable. From Project Management, technology solutions, project planning, unparalleled technology expertise, to being a partner whose ideas and opinions I can trust, these guys are the “real deal” and that is rare to find in a technology company.

I can attest and am totally confident that EITS can provide other businesses and agencies the products and services that will improve their technology landscape and at the same time streamline how they “do” business. I feel EITS is a valued partner due to the quality work, knowledge, and value they bring to the technology industry. I would recommend EITS to anyone seeking assistance with a technology project.

CIO at Government agency based in the Carolinas

Our school district was victim to a Ransomware attack that spread to several of our server and endpoint systems. Critical applications were taken down that impacted our entire district. We were referred to EITS by a peer CISO. EITS brought an incredible amount of value from the moment we engaged with them. Upon our initial conversations, we could immediately sense that dealing with this type of incident was nothing new for the EITS team.

Stress was at an all-time high within our district and panic was beginning to take place. The EITS team came in with a sense of calmness and organized structure that was well received during this very chaotic time. EITS gave us access to a team of seasoned technical experts capable of assessing our current state and assisted in prioritizing next steps. We were very impressed by the depth of infrastructure and security talent EITS made available to us at a moment’s notice. From firewall and network, to virtualization and data protection, EITS brought the technical experts with the skills needed.

EITS showed us that so much of getting started with Security doesn’t require products but rather training personnel on security, knowing our environment, and basics of securing configurations. EITS educated our team on utilizing the DISA STIG (security technology information guidelines) as a hardening standard. EITS gave us STIG compliant images and training for our endpoints to get us started.

EITS spent hundreds of hours supporting us and ultimately produced an incredible road map. This road map highlighted our gaps, prioritized them, and provided budgetary pricing for each area of focus. The top priority EITS pointed out for our district was to train our internal IT staff on security. EITS emphasized that if we did not invest in any other recommendations, the number one thing we need to invest in is our staff. I greatly appreciated this focus on people and not just product recommendations as the IT director over this team.

EITS knew that our district was in a time of panic and urgency during this entire engagement. They never stopped to ask for a PO to get started. EITS provided all their services to build our road map at no charge and ultimately refused payment. The EITS founder, Leo Chavez, communicated that EITS wanted to give back to the public-school system where possible and demonstrated this through their actions during our engagement.

IT Director at a School District based in the Carolinas
EITS has been working with us since 2017, providing excellent networking and security services. The EITS staff include experts in several areas that we use including Cisco routing and switching, Paloalto firewall technology, and security practices in general.

I feel confident in the expertise that EITS provides and have been very pleased with their responsiveness and ability to address our networking and security needs. I highly recommend their services and hope that you have the same level of success with EITS.
Technical Operations Leader at a manufacturing company based in the Carolinas
I worked with EITS during a Proof of Concept and deployment of Palo Alto’s TRAPS. The crew at EITS were organized, responsive, and knowledgeable to the extent that deployment was merely an afterthought due to the thorough POC. Andrew Bena at EITS led the project for our POC and brought a welcome level of tenacity and diligence during the engagement. The team at EITS work well with each other and, in my case, Palo Alto. The attention to detail and industry knowledge at EITS is noticeably impressive.
Sr. Security Analyst at a higher education private university based in the Carolinas

EITS has provided IT security and networking support and consulting for our organization over the
last two years. EITS has provided with VMware security support, next generation firewall installation and
configuration, as well as Cisco route/switch installation and configuration. EITS is a company of experts in their field
– well-versed, certified and seasoned professionals who understand IT and who take the time to listen
to the client. The depth and breadth of their experience helps structure projects and solutions correctly.
Their industry knowledge helps guide clients to the best value solution, not just the low-cost or brand-named

I have known the founder for almost 8 years and his principles and ethics drive the organization. I have
worked with his team for almost 4 years in different capacities. Each one is capable, thorough and some
of the best IT experts I have ever worked with. I brought them into my IT shop because I knew I would
receive top-notch service, expert consulting, and people I trust. I highly recommend EITS to any
organization that needs a trusted IT partner to help solve any issue – from simple to large-scale and

IT Director at a non profit based in Washington DC

If knowledge, thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and deep experience are the qualities you are looking for as a trusted advisor for your IT needs, let me recommend that your search stops here.

I have used EITS as my security and advanced networking solutions provider in my own shops, and will always turn to EITS first. You will not find a more honest broker out there. I have worked with the largest of vendors to the smallest – and EITS has consistently outperformed all of them. From unboxing out-of-the box solutions to rethinking IT operations, EITS has the team and the breadth of experience to assist any organization wanting to better their IT operations and security.

I am happy to discuss the work we have done together, the future work we are planning, the support they have offered me and my team, and answer your questions from another client’s vantage point.

IT Director at a government agency based in Washington DC

I always call EITS the seal team of security in the Carolinas. Understanding their technical depth and aptitude – they do security like no other partner. I feel comfortable bringing them into accounts to optimize the technology that I’m providing to the customer, and I trust them to continue to manage the relationship and make sure my customers are getting the most out of their investment.

If something’s on fire and a customer calls EITS – I’ve witnessed this with several accounts – EITS becomes an extension of a team. It’s happened within multiple different companies that I’ve introduced them to because they get so sticky and do such a great job when they’re in there.

EITS hires the right people. They have the smartest folks, with the most experience, who know how to run things from a security integration perspective. It’s hard for me to compare them to anybody else because nobody does what they do from a partner perspective. There are some good partners out there specializing other things, but from a security perspective if you want Carolina’s high-touch, local, call me, something’s on fire, come fix it – then EITS is the squad to do it.

Director of Strategic Accounts OEM Partner

Enterprise IT Solutions has provided our organization with information technology consulting, staffing and project management services since 2010 and is currently active on several engagements.

EITS supported a high-priority security remediation effort with us. EITS provided staffing and consulting services to assist with redesigning and implementing the agency’s network infrastructure to highly secure specifications. Their expertise in determining and finding the necessary staff skill-sets was instrumental. Several EITS staff resources continue to support us as key advisors.

EITS performed project management, staffing and consulting services to implement our remote computing disaster recovery site. EITS wrote disaster recovery run-book documentation and lead exercises to validate disaster recovery plans. EITS’ continuous and ongoing partnership with our organization is evidence of the value that we derive from their services.

CISO at a Government agency in the Carolinas

I just wanted to let you know what an absolute star Kyle has been helping us with the launch of our new public website. We have asked questions via email at odd hours and even asked the him to join calls in the evenings. I don’t know if I have the words to express how thankful we are for what EITS has done for our first foray into Azure PaaS. There is no scenario where our bank is here on the cusp of launching our new identity without the work EITS has done to get us here. I can’t thank you enough.

VP at a financial customer in the Carolinas