Cloud Network Security Workshop

Learn how to design, deploy, and manage your organization’s cloud network security through integration with industry leading NVAs

EITS’ Cloud Network Security Workshop gives IT professionals the opportunity to learn the best practices approach to deploying highly secure virtual environments through a hands-on real-time implementation.

cloud network security reviewing information at a computer

Take a zero-trust approach to help secure your workloads

Deploy multi-region at scale
High availability and Improved efficiency of network IT
Perimeter Firewall Protection
Internal Inspection Automation

Azure best practices for Cloud Network Security

Isolated environments for all of your organization's resources
Virtual Network
An isolated environment with ironclad security to run all your VMs and applications
Network Security Group
Enforce and control security rules to allow or deny all inbound/outbound traffic
Application Security Group
Create granular network security policies based on the workloads centralized on applications
Azure Firewall
Create and enforce connectivity policies using application and network level filtering rules

Cloud Network Security Workshop Schedule

Designed as a 22-day engagement*, EITS designed this offering around a multi-region cloud deployment. Our goal is to provide you with a real-world working example of how to configure and deploy a complex organizational cloud infrastructure that is stable and secure.

Day 1

Pre-engagement call
  • Introductions
  • Engagement walk-through
  • Expectations
  • What’s next

Workshop questionnaire

  • Fill in and return the questionnaire
  • Permissions and IP’s provided in customer environment

Day 2

Kick-Off Meeting

  • Engagement walk-through
  • Engagement tools
  • Expectations
  • What’s next
Prerequisite Milestone
  • Setup new or existing VNET
  • Bootstrap Prerequisites (optional)

Days 3-5

Pre-Configuration Milestone
  • Management and Services Configuration Review Configure engagement tools
  • Logging Configuration
  • Authentication Configuration
  • Hardening Configuration

Days 6-8

Pre-Configuration Milestone
  • Policy Configuration

Day 9

Pre-Configuration Milestone
  • Threat Configuration

Day 10

Pre-Deployment Milestone
  • Create Basic Azure Firewall Configs

Day 11

Implementation Milestone 1
Deployment Details for VM-Series Firewalls:
  • Creating and Configuring Azure Common Resources for VM- Series Firewalls

Days 12-13

Implementation Milestone 1.1

Deployment Details for VM-Series Firewalls:

  • Deploying VM-Series Firewalls on Azure

Day 14

Implementation Milestone 2
Deployment Details for Azure Networking and Firewall Policies:
  • Configuring Outbound and East-West Traffic Profiles

Days 15-16

Implementation Milestone 3
Deployment Details for a Backhaul Connection:
  • Configuring Azure Networking for a Backhaul

Days 17-18

Implementation Milestone 3.1

  • Configuring a Resilient Backhaul Connection
  • Using Panorama to Configure Security and NAT for Backhaul

Days 19-22

Validation Milestone
  • Validate Configuration
  • Confirm VM-Series Threat Policy Enforcement
  • Present prioritization and documentation
  • Discuss next steps



Optional Bootstrap automation module available at an additional cost that will increase the duration of the workshop.
Bootstrap Prerequisites Days 1-3
  • Integration with manufacturer-specific management platform
  • Required Controls
  • Scope of Workshop
  • Project Plan
Implementation Milestone 1 Days 4-7
  • Preparing VM-Series Firewall Configurations
  • Managing VM-Series Firewalls
Implementation Milestone 2 Days 8-9
  • Configuring Inbound Access Traffic Profiles
Implementation Milestone 3 Day 10
  • Configure Security and NAT for Backhaul Connection

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Whether you’re moving workloads or modernizing apps on Azure, using cloud-native controls and services improves business agility and saves costs on security infrastructure. Improve cloud network security using a Zero Trust approach to perform network segmentation and apply intelligent threat protection and traffic encryption.

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