Identity and Access Management

Enable centralized identity access and management for the modern workforce.

Our Modern Identity Access Management Workshop enables customers to assess, understand, and implement highly efficient user and device management solutions for their entire organization.

Simplify user credential management and enforce strong authentications for all users, devices, and apps from a central location. By the end of this workshop, you will know how to discover all connected devices and apps on your network, the fundamentals of identity management, SSPR and MFA, conditional access, app management, and how the Azure AD platform brings value and cost savings to your company.


Real-time analytics on the overall health of your Security protocols via Security Score with actionable steps


Create an inventory of all apps and devices connected to your network and the potential threats they pose


Hybrid and Cloud-based options for secure user authentication and credential management in any environment

identity access management


Simple credentialing and conditional access management utilizing modern security authentication protocols


Increase overall productivity and reduce costs through a single user and application security management solution


All the information you need to create and implement a comprehensive security strategy

Identity Access Management Workshop Schedule

The vital necessity of implementing a comprehensive solution for identity and access management is an undeniable truth in the modern era of data integrity and security. The importance of this information is the reason for the twenty-day scope of our workshop. Our mission is to ensure you have a complete understanding of the capabilities, integration options, and overall value of the industry standard for identity access management.

Week 1

Pre-engagement call
  • Introductions
  • Engagement walk-through
  • Expectations
  • What’s next
Identity Workshop questionnaire
  • Fill in and return the questionnaire
  • Other pre-engagement preparations

Kick-Off Meeting

  • Engagement walk-through
  • Engagement tools
  • Expectations
  • What’s next

Secure Score Overview & Identity Security Posture Assessment

  • Present Secure Score
  • Gather Identity Security Posture

Application Discovery Presentation and Setup

  • Application Discovery presentation
  • Configure engagement tools

Week 2

Application Discovery Reporting and discussion
  • Report discovered applications and get ready for prioritization
  • Application discussion
Identity Fundamentals
  • Integration scenarios
  • Cloud and Hybrid Identities
Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)
  • SSPR options
Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • MFA options

Week 3

Conditional Access
  • CA options
Azure AD Application Management
  • Secure Hybrid Access
  • Single Sign-on
  • Application Proxy
  • My Apps

Defender for Identity

  • Identity protection
  • Configuration of Detection Rules
  • Deployment of Sensors

Week 4-5

Customer Value Conversation

  • Value of the Microsoft Identity platform
Discovery Session
  • Discuss security strategy


  • MS identity experience
Key results, recommendations and next steps
  • Present design decisions
  • Present prioritization
  • Discuss next steps

Defender for

Cloud Apps Security


Learn the best practices for securing sensitive data, anywhere in the cloud, with our Defender for Cloud Apps Security Workshop.
View the workshop’s phases and activities below.

Week 1

Collaboration Session week 1
  • Inventory of all SaaS and cloud-based apps
  • Identify where configurations are possible
Discovery week 1
  • Identify sensitive data
  • Identify sensitive data stored within the cloud or SasS-based apps
  • Identify where sensitive data that may stored outside of the organizations desired configuration

Week 2

  • Define business policies
Configuration Session 1  
  • Deploy initial cloud-app security integrations
Configuration Session 2
  • Alerts and notifications configured for security admins
  • Conditional access app control policy configured
  • Tagging apps as Sanctioned or Unsanctioned

Week 3

Testing Week 3
  • Verify new configurations
  • Verify updated policies
  • Deploy new policies and configurations
  • Documentation hand-off
  • Policy procedure updates
Our workshops go beyond mere knowledge. We go the extra mile by setting up your actual environment and providing you with all you need to successfully set up and manage all access and best practices for your organization.

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