Next Generation Firewall HealthCheck

Analyze the configuration and performance of your Next Generation Firewalls to transform what can be an overwhelming array of data into a structured plan.

Firewalls are a significant investment.
Let our HealthCheck maximize your ROI.

In today’s complex digital landscapes, adopting the right security strategies is paramount.

EITS stands out by:

  • Implementing industry-leading best practices.
  • Observing and analyzing diverse traffic types across environments.
  • Collaborating with clients for a deep dive into their current network security topology.

Our team delivers a methodical, scalable process explicitly designed around your unique needs and priorities. With the EITS NGFW HealthCheck service, we:

  • Spotlight and rank your firewall’s areas of improvement.
  • Strategize and execute based on potential risks, remediation efforts, and overall value addition.

Benefits of EITS’ NGFW HealthCheck:

  1. Identification: Pinpoint pivotal improvement areas in your firewall infrastructure.
  2. Prioritization: Rank enhancements by risk, remediation effort, and organizational value.
  3. Planning: Outline remediation strategies, devise task lists, set testing agendas, oversee change controls, and streamline communication.
  4. Remediation: Seize opportunities and bridge gaps with targeted, actionable steps.
  5. Reporting: Deliver measurable metrics to showcase the positive impact of HealthCheck remediation actions.

Let EITS elevate your firewall’s efficiency and robustness.

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