Endpoint Management

Enable customers to understand modern endpoint management, areas for improvement, and a roadmap to sustainable endpoint management.

A Sustainable Path to Secure Endpoint Management

Operating System Agnostic

A scalable path to endpoint management capabilities your unique organizational needs.

A Path to BYOD

Scalable endpoint management requires solutions that cater to the modern workforce.

Maximum return on investment

Reduce technical debt by taking advantage of existing investments in Office 365

A Unified Platform for Managed Devices

The vital necessity of implementing a comprehensive solution for endpoint management is an undeniable truth in the modern era of data integrity and security. The importance of this information is the reason for the twenty-day scope of our workshop. Our mission is to ensure you have a complete understanding of the capabilities, integration options, and overall value of the industry standard for endpoint management.

Modern Endpoint Manager Workshop Schedule

In this 20 day workshop, you will learn how Endpoint Management will help you transform remote device and app management while increasing your organization’s productivity. We’ll show you how to deploy desktop and mobile apps and easily manage Windows 10, iOS, MacOS, iPad, and Android devices from a unified console.

By the end of this workshop, you will have a fundamental understanding of the modern endpoint management architecture and areas of improvement for your remote workforce. In addition, learn the value of integrated security solutions including, Endpoint Manager, Intune, and Defender for Endpoint.

Week 1

Pre-engagement call
  • Introductions
  • Engagement walk-through
  • Expectations
  • What’s next

Endpoint Workshop questionnaire

  • Fill in and return the questionnaire
  • Other pre-engagement preparations

Kick-Off Meeting

  • Engagement walk-through
  • Engagement tools
  • Expectations
  • What’s next
Microsoft Endpoint Management Overview
  • Present Secure Score
  • Gather Identity Security Posture

Week 2

Enrollment Workshop
  • Autopilot
  • Apple Device Manager
  • Android Enterprise
Device Enrollment
  • Configure Autopilot
  • Configure Mobile Devices
Configuration Workshop
  • Setting Configuration
  • Define Configuration Baseline
  • Certificate Management

Week 3

Intune Application Configuration
  • Configure Line of Business Apps
  • Defining Windows Store Apps
  • Mobile App Protection Policies
  • Application Control Capabilities
Enable Endpoint Protection
  • Protection Workshop
  • Configure Endpoint Policies
  • Configure Endpoint Detection and response
  • Configure Attack Surface Reduction Rules

Week 4

Device Lifecycle Workshop
  • Support & Retire Presentation
  • Device Reallocation
  • Decomission Processes
Endpoint Analytics
  • Endpoint Analytics Presentation
  • Enhanced Device Reporting
  • Device Reliability Insight
Key results, recommendations and next steps
  • Present design decisions
  • Present prioritization
  • Discuss next steps

Our endpoint management workshop goes beyond mere knowledge. We go the extra mile by setting up your actual environment and providing you with all you need to successfully set up and manage all access and best practices for your organization.

Your resilient business requires Modern Endpoint Management

people at work talking
Support a diverse bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) ecosystem
Provision, reset, and repurpose laptops and mobile devices with minimal infrastructure and process overhead. Manage all endpoints: on-premises and remote, corporate-owned and personal, desktop and mobile. Support zero-touch provisioning with Windows Autopilot, Apple Device Enrollment, and Android Enrollment.
people at work looking at a laptop
Enable unified endpoint security with Zero Trust security controls
Securely access corporate resources through continuous assessment and intent-based policies with Conditional Access App Control, powered by Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and natively integrated in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Unified security management with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint enables quick, automated remediation of app vulnerabilities.
business men reviewing analytics
Protect work data with or without device enrollment
Onboard, manage, and report on encryption, antivirus, firewall, and other security technologies to protect work data. Ensure device and app compliance to control data flow outside trusted mobile apps and devices through mobile app management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM) policies.
business team looking at a computer screen
Optimize user satisfaction with advanced endpoint analytics
Proactively improve the user experience and track your progress against organization and industry baselines with the help of integrated Endpoint analytics. Use data-driven change management to maximize the effectiveness of IT and reduce help desk costs.
business man looking at his computer
Get a highly scalable, globally distributed modern management service
Keep well-established processes for deploying, managing, and updating PCs in your organization using Configuration Manager and take advantage of the powerful Microsoft cloud with Intune for security and modern provisioning.
two business men going over reports
Maximize return on investment and set a clear vision for the future
Get the most value from your Microsoft 365 integrated solution when you use the latest cloud features to help protect users’ privacy and your organization’s data and assets.

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