Headquartered out of Boston, MA and Tel Aviv, Israel, Guardicore is an emerging leader in data center and hybrid cloud security. Their cutting-edge, software-only approach is completely independent from your physical network and can protect any combination of platforms and operating systems.

By offering a software-based segmentation overlay in their flagship product, Guardicore Centra Security Platform promises an average 85% reduction in cost over legacy firewall solutions, as well as a comparative 99% reduction in attack surface and 30x faster time to resolution.

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Guardicore Centra Security features include:


Centra automatically discovers applications and flows, including process-to-process communications, and creates contextual maps that make understanding activity and creating policies simple.

Application Dependency Mapping

Centra correlates network- and process-level activity and shows you how applications communicate with and depend on other IT resources.

Segmentation Policies

Centra makes it easy to create granular segmentation policies that work seamlessly across any platform, operating system, or environment.

Threat Detection & Response

Centra combines policy-based detection, reputation analysis, and dynamic deception techniques to quickly detect threats and provide actionable intelligence.

Threat Intelligence Firewall

Centra is the only micro-segmentation platform to block traffic from malicious IP addresses identified through both its global network and local customer sources.