Based out of San Francisco, California, Splunk Inc. is an international software development company specializing in collecting and analyzing machine data generated by websites, applications, servers, networks, and mobile devices.

Over 10,000 companies and 91% of the Fortune 100 use Splunk to provide metrics, diagnose problems and provide business intelligence – strengthening cyber defenses across their on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

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Splunk Company Overview

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Using Splunk Security Operations Suite as your nerve center provides:

Security Monitoring

Ready to use real-time monitoring helps find threats, determine security posture and compliance

Advanced Threat Detection

Detect advance threats by aggregating, prioritizing and managing wide varieties of threat intel from an unlimited source of threat lists


Receive data from any endpoint and gain a collective view of all your endpoint security data to identify any outside attack or inside threat.

Incident Investigation & Forensics

Investigate with a single source of truth and shorten investigation cycles with visual analysis, graphical representation of thresholds, alarms, indicators, and trends.

Fraud Detection

Mitigate fraudulent behavior and transactions by identifying fraudulent activity and taking action before it's too late.


Automate your security operations center and remediate threats at machine speed by automating actions to a variety of security tools.

Incident Response

Take the right action quickly and accurately by visualizing and documenting investigation cycles to detect, analyze and respond to security incidents and threats.