Recorded Future

Securing our world with threat intelligence.

By collecting, structuring, and analyzing threat data from all over the internet for the last decade, we have created an Intelligence Graph of the world’s threats. Unmatched in scale, our Intelligence Graph uniquely enables Recorded Future to turn large sums of data into actionable insights, and deliver the most complete, accurate, and timely intelligence available.

Recorded Future Overview

Accelerate security workflows with intelligence

Through our powerful integrations, security teams gain access to robust intelligence optimized for use in the tools they already use and rely on. This infusion into existing processes and workflows, empowers teams to respond faster and more confidently to the threats in their environment.

96 integration types and growing

Featured Integrations

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Unlock the true power of threat intelligence

Recorded Future Links™

Accelerate investigations and hunting using high-confidence, evidence-based, relationships between indicators

Dark Web Intelligence

Leverage Recorded Future’s real-time collection of intelligence from dark web sources including open and closed hacker, criminal, and extremist forums to understand the adversary.

Advanced Query Builder

Conduct deep targeted searches across Recorded Future’s entire intelligence repository. Save and share searches for easy access to what your team cares about.

Threat Map

Visualize threats targeting your organization with curated and filtered Threat Intelligence. Automatically spotlight today’s most impactful threats, and identify threat actors that matter most to you.

API & Integrations

Get real-time, machine readable intelligence in the security technologies you already use with frictionless integrations and a simple API.

Over 2 billion Intelligence Cards

Intelligence Cards bundle essential information related to a specific investigation topic, like a technical indicator, malware family, or software vulnerability. They can be used as a starting point for triage, or to pivot other intelligence during an investigation.

Custom Real-Time Alerts

Setup custom alerts based on your intelligence requirements and get notified in real-time via email, mobile app, or portal any time a new piece of intelligence that meets your requirements is identified.

Tailored Hunting Packages

Hunting Packages provide users with detection mechanisms, including YARA, Snort, and Sigma rules to hunt for adversaries, malware, or traffic of interest.


Upload suspicious file samples in a customizable environment and automatically retrieve intelligence from results without disseminating your file to the wider world.