Incident Response

An organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or attack
with the goal of limiting damage and reducing recovery time and costs.

It's our job to think like attackers.
Let us augment your security team.

EITS Incident Response and Security Monitoring: Available 24/7 x 365.

Looking for top-notch cybersecurity support? EITS boasts a stellar team of GIAC Certified Incident Handlers, Threat Intelligence Experts, and GIAC Certified Forensics Examiners. Our professionals don’t just spot threats; they act swiftly to mitigate risks across your entire enterprise.

Understanding cybersecurity means realizing it’s not just about the tech. At EITS, we get that. A comprehensive incident response doesn’t stop at identifying and addressing the breach. That’s why we also provide support in executive communication and crisis management. Navigating the complexities of legal, regulatory, and public relations aftermath? We’re on it. Effectively managing crises is pivotal to minimizing reputational harm and legal ramifications.

But what about after the incident? That’s where our security monitoring service shines. As your team gets back on its feet, EITS is right there, overseeing your digital environment. We ensure there’s zero ongoing malicious activity, facilitating the smoothest transition back to regular business operations.

When you choose EITS, we guarantee:

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pen testing GCFE certified
GCIH certified
GCWN certified
GDSA certified
GPEN certified
GCED certified
GSEC certified
GWAPT certified
certified ethical hackers
certified-network-defense contractors
MCFE certified