We on our mission to fund the next generation of coders.

EITS, in conjunction with Code Ninjas Concord, will provide a platform for students from underprivileged backgrounds to receive unparalleled support of STEM education through computer programming that will serve as a basis to gain confidence in critical thinking skillsets, providing a community of like-minded learners that encourages failure and success and create future opportunities where there may not have been one.

Why We Support Code Ninjas

Through our partnership, EITS and Code Ninjas Concord advocate for students who show dedication, passion, and commitment through their communities to come through the Code Ninjas Concord coding program at no cost.

What Your Donation Funds

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Code Ninjas Concord, located in Concord, NC, provides our students a unique resource to explore computer programming using problem solving, critical thinking, mathematical, and logic. Students have fun utilizing curriculum based on game creation and game play.

Code Ninjas teaches coding through self-paced curriculum culminating in our students leaving the program with 4 key deliverables: knowledge of 3 languages, creation of an application, gaining problem solving skills, and obtaining passion around the exploration of code and correlating career paths.
The Code Ninjas Concord team of knowledgeable staff brings a vast knowledge base of expertise in coding, relationship building tools, best practices of working with young students, and experience to each student. We are driven by the fundamental concept of value and growth. Both owners have extensive experience in strategic growth for businesses and knowledge of technology and operations. Everything we do revolves around delivering value to our clients and partners and providing consistent results.
Code Ninjas Concord understands each student has different needs. Our goals include bringing partners into our program to inspire, motivate, and encourage our young students with examples of how code and technology are used in the “real world.” In addition, we are a resource for students who cannot afford the program but show commitment, dedication, and passion for coding.
Code Ninjas Concord and its owners believe in giving back to the community. We provide our program to those students who show dedication, passion, and commitment to come through our program for at low cost.

In addition, Code Ninjas Concord partners with local businesses to provide our program at no cost to deserving students based on partner criteria for their goals.
Learn more at codeninjas.com

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