Firewall Management

A critical service to maximize your next generation firewall investment.

Designed to keep your first line of defense ironclad 24/7

The EITS firewall management as a service prioritizes improvement opportunities and enables success with the platform agnostic Next Generation Firewall through a proven, structured process. Findings are given a “Value” rating based on risk to the organization, level of effort to remediate, and complexity of the change. We work with your team to plan and execute changes, and report quantifiable improvements following each firewall health check. By repeating the health check process on a regular schedule, we can show tangible improvements in your security environment over time.

One of the most valuable benefits of our firewall managed service solution is our ability to locate and fix configuration gaps. Next Generation Firewalls are incredibly powerful, but it can be easy to miss some things through the standard GUI. Through dedicated management, we pinpoint areas of focus that really matter. We “read the entire book” for you and highlight the key areas you need to review.

The Benefits of Firewall Management as a Service

Operational personnel are driven by tactical priorities, and this usually doesn’t allow time to assess current deployments against best practices.
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Better Visibility

We analyze the configuration and performance of your firewalls and transform what can be an overwhelming array of data into a structured management plan to get the most out of your platform agnostic firewalls.



We utilize best practices, observe the types of traffic in each environment, and work with customers to understand their existing network security topology.



Our Firewall Management is agnostic and applies structured, repeatable processes that are tailored to each customer’s environment and priorities.

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Receive ongoing visibility to improvement opportunities, which we prioritize to enable structured remediation where needed, and scheduled reporting on quantifiable improvements over time.

You have a significant investment in your Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW), and they are critical components of your organization’s security infrastructure.
EITS’ NGFW management as a service ensures you are maximizing your return on this investment.
Identify key areas for improvement within your platform agnostic Next Generation Firewall infrastructure.
Prioritize based on potential risk, level of effort to remediate, and overall value to your organization.
Understand how remediation will impact other areas of infrastructure, security, and business. We help us plan remediation, create task lists, define testing plans, submit change controls, and facilitate communication with your IT staff.
It’s not enough to just identify opportunities for improvement; you must close the gaps. Penetration test results can be overwhelming; the EITS platform agnostic NGFW management focuses on prioritized, actionable improvements. These improvements are then implemented by the EITS team.
Verifying outcomes is just as important as identifying and solving problems. Our team provides regular tangible metrics to quantify success, following all remediation actions.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization improve and maintain proactive firewall security.

Tactical priorities drive operational personnel, which usually doesn’t allow time to assess current deployments against best practices. In addition, multiple people often maintain the environment by applying different processes and standards. As a result, lack of standardization is a considerable challenge during times of change. Additionally, many organizations are now required to perform third-party firewall audits, and ETIS’ firewall management as a service can help meet these requirements.
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